How to reconnect with old friends

We’ve all had that one friend that would never leave our side as a child. Whether it was talking about your crush, getting into trouble, or skipping school to play video games, they were right there by your side ready to do whatever made you laugh. Over time, we lose touch with that person and life begins to separate you from the ones you thought would never separate from you, as if you were conjoined at the hip. Years later, you see each other and what once seemed like an ever lasting friendship, has evolved into a seemingly awkward encounter between two grown-ups.

Gehna Singh, blogger on, gives you an opportunity to avoid the awkward encounter with a step-by-step guide on how to “rekindle and recharge a friendship that may have cooled off.”

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25 sweet things you can do for your girlfriend that are better than flowers but don’t cost a thing

Roses. Chocolate. Stuffed animals. Diamonds. The classic gifts every man thinks of when going through the “tedious” task of picking out a gift for their loved ones. She gets sick of those gifts fast and when that translates into the unavoidable screams of “you never do anything special for me,” most men are left confused and stunned at the events that just took place.

Lauren Passell, associate editor of TheDateReport on, offers men 25 things they can do for their loved ones to surprise and delight her without putting a dent in your bank account.

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10 Ways to Make Sure You Won’t Break Up (That Aren’t Annoying or Hard)

We’ve all received tips and hints from our friends and family on how to maintain a relationship. Over time, repetition teaches us what it takes to get those butterflies in your stomach and what makes the relationship crash and burn. Lydia Netzer has 15 years of married-life experience to present you with her 10 simple and easy ways to make sure you won’t break up. Here are just two tips that could make or break your relationship:

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